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What is Medicare?
Medicare was started in 1965 to help with medical expenses. It's a national health insurance program designed to help people age 65 and older with medical expenses. It is also available to some disabled people under the age of 65 and people who have End Stage Renal Disease.

Medicare includes Hospital Insurance (referred to as Part A); Medical Insurance (referred to as Part B); and a Prescription Drug benefit option (referred to as Part D). Part A helps to pay for your in-hospital expenses, and care in a skilled nursing facility and provides limited benefits for home health care and hospice care. Part B helps to pay doctor bills, outpatient hospital care and other medical services not covered by Part A. Beginning January 1, 2006, Part D Medicare Prescription Drug plans provide insurance coverage for prescription drugs.

What is Medicare Supplement Insurance?
Medicare Supplement plans are designed to help pay some of the medical expenses that Medicare does not pay. For example, you can choose a Medicare Supplement plan that pays the Part A deductible.

Why should I choose the GWRRA Medicare Supplement Plan?

It will help pay some of the medical expenses that Medicare doesn't pay. You now have a choice of Medicare Supplement Plans* at affordable group rates. These Plans are underwritten by companies known for prompt, personal and responsive service. Other features of the Plans include:

  • Freedom to Choose your own doctors and hospitals
  • Efficient Claims Processing
  • 30-day right to examine the policy
  • Convenient payment options

Click here for additional information, view benefits, limitations and exclusions and get a rate quote.

* Provided that plans are approved in your state.


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